Patrick O'Hare

Patrick O’Hare is a photographer and filmmaker exploring the modern landscape, its underlying strata and the states of minds evoked by our various environments. He studied film history and literature at SUNY Binghamton and photography at Empire State College. His photographs have been exhibited at PS1 MoMA, Parsons School of Design and the Rhode Island School of Design. His photographs and book, Slipstream are included in various collections including The New York Public Library, MoMA Library, the Amon Carter Museum of American Art Research Library, and the Samuel Dorsky Museum. Publications include The New York Times, Harper's Magazine, Camera Austria and The Village Voice. He has screened his films at UnionDocs in Brooklyn, New York, The Unseen Film Festival, Denver and The City Reliquary, Brooklyn. His photography monograph, Evanescent Cities will be published by Daylight Books in the fall of 2020.

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Above: Roanoke, Virginia 

A succession of scenes exploring shards of city, suburban and rural settings, various interiors, still lifes and fleeting moments, Ellipses aspires to a sense of fragmented harmony. It sharply observes the everyday and the uncommon, splitting their differences into something more elusive and open-ended without surrendering to seamlessness. Invoking a constant state of transition, it attempts to find something luminous through the breeches, gaps, reflections and broken mirrors of existence.

Text by Patrick O'Hare 

Above: Johnson City, New York 

I’m interested in the sidelong glance at the world and the natural elisions and illusions found there, as well as those created through the sequencing of vastly disparate subject matter. Utilizing the language of merging and omission that can alter time, allowing reality to slip, hinting at the invisible.

The aim is to reveal a state of mind investigating, coalescing, faltering and fusing into its own landscape. That recognizes and embraces the half seen, flashes and slow reveals of perception. Attuned as possible to phenomena of light, stasis, form, movement and the echoes of intimation. Through the cracks something startles and vanishes, the shape- shifting riddle of inside and outside. Obliquely, the photographs try to convey the poignancy of the abstracted universe we move through, inhabit and have become inured to.

Text by Patrick O'Hare 

Above: Weissport, Pennsylvania 

Below: Brooklyn, New York 

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