Julia Carpio

Julia Carpio is a 16 year old student residing in Queens, NY, attending Francis Lewis High School as a junior. She has always had an interest in photography, even when the only camera she had was her phone, until the NYU Tisch Future Imagemakers program gave her access to a DSLR camera. Her work is primarily landscapes, but she has recently begun focusing on her family; representing them through her photos. She appreciates photography as a mechanism to find her own creative style.

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All images: Familiar Memories, 2020, digital collage

I photograph with the intention of learning more about myself. In the past, my shy personality has held me back; photography gave me the type of confidence I needed to grow. Through my pictures I can interact with people and places, finding the meaning they hold for me. I enjoy highlighting things that most people wouldn’t notice at first glance. I try to be as creative as possible, incorporating my own style to my photos. In this project, I strayed away from my comfort zone of landscapes and focused on my family. Growing up in an Evangelical Christian home, my experiences differ from other peoples, and that shaped my life. With each collage and photo, I emphasized my family’s history and how that defines us in the present time. Our beliefs and past experiences define us, and we define each other. Now, photography has become my means of self-expression.

Text by Julia Carpio

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