Daniel Loveday

Daniel Loveday (b.1993) is a British documentary photographer born and raised in the Medway Towns. His main body of work looks at the landscape local to him and the lives that fill it, Medway is small cluster of towns and villages in Kent that is separated by the River Medway, the area lays an hour away from London and in recent years has gone under a vast change as a knock on affect from London's gentrification. Daniel has published and exhibited widely around Britain, his new book based on the towns Blue Mud and Chalk will be published later this year with Tyrocollective. He is also a graduate of photography at Canterbury Christ Church University. 

Outside of his personal practice, Daniel also works for the British Library as a Senior Imaging Technician currently digitising an archive focused on the Gulf Region which dates from earlier then the 1500's. The work he does with the British Library informs his approach with his personal practice finding inspiration within his day to day job.

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“Dear Dodge is a body of work that documents my Grandmother who is now 96 years of age. She spends her days confined to her house having now lost her independence to disability. This work makes up a chapter in a larger body of work that documents the people of a group of towns called the Medway.” -Daniel Loveday 

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