Caitlin Chung

Caitlin Chung is a senior in high school and is currently living in Los Angeles, CA. 

"My photographic curiosity has always been manifold—centered around investigating questions that require complex solutions. Though photography is my major area of study, I am also deeply interested in anthropology and ethnic studies—both of which I utilize to further understand the world I capture.

My images transmit elements of documentary photography that convey a unique photojournalistic narrative. The primary influence that underlies them is my own curiosity surrounding the exploration of the intersections and bifurcations of various cultures its effect on societal conventions. I personally use my work to learn about the broader world through the lens of human experience; a collection of interactions and experiences that are at the core of what drives my intellectual curiosity. For others, my goal is for my work to be used as a medium to open dialogues about the fascinating and complicated web of humanity and to encourage uncomfortable but necessary conversations."

-Caitlin Chung

All images: 삶의 영역 [The Sphere of Life] , 2016-2020

These images are from 삶의 영역 [The Sphere of Life] (2016-2020), which visualizes the excavation of various intersections and bifurcations of my Korean-American identity and culture through the backdrop of my domestic sphere. For four years, I have dug through the intricate layers of my family portrait—introducing new narratives and taking away old ones to break apart the image of family that was enforced upon and created for me. The construction of this multi-narrative storyline became a medium for me to open conversations about the challenges that come with a bi-cultural upbringing in a conservative Asian household. My home has always been a battleground for me. It is where I’ve not only tackled my worst enemies but also where I was introduced to them. From gender roles to religious values, this series tackles the often unspoken foundations of the institution of family.

Text by Caitlin Chung

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