Adam Thorman

Adam Thorman is an artist, photographer and educator based in Oakland, CA. He makes work about things that exist on the line between two different states at the same time. He is interested in the scale and wildness of the Pacific Coast landscape and how considering that landscape puts our own lives in perspective.

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Above: Yea-Ming and Doc, Oakland, CA, 2020

Below: Monica and Frankie, Oakland, CA, 2020; Katie and Jay, Oakland, CA, 2020; Todd and Betsy, Oakland, CA, 2020

This project consists of social distancing portraits of my friends through their windows shot during the coronavirus "shelter-in-place" order in March 2020 in the San Francisco Bay Area, primarily in Oakland, CA. These portraits speak to the twin feelings of connection and distance we are all experiencing during this time as we connect with people in whatever ways we can without actually coming into contact.

Text by Adam Thorman

Below: Jai, Amara, and Yea, Fairfax, CA, 2020

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